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Indoor playground "Gaudi-Viertel"

This building complex with about 1,000 m² of play surface on three levels consists of several half-timbered houses and towers, which match the Village Street. Inside, there are climbing nets, suspension bridges, slides and a variety of softball games to entertain visitors both young and old.

Hundreds of multi-coloured softballs float through the air while playing with the various fountains, canons and suction devices. The floor is decorated with what must be the world’s largest game of Ludo. Then there is the “Murmelturm”, a drop tower almost eight metres high that goes up and down like a yo-yo. There is also a captivating little exhibition of antique toys to match the theme: everything from a Märklin tin train set dating back to 1920 to a doll’s house and a rocking horse. This is where children’s dreams come true!