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Catapult roller coaster “Karacho”


The Karacho vehicles are propelled upwards not by a chain lift but by a motor with a power of over 2,000 hp. This catapults the vehicles to a height of 30 metres at an angle of almost 90°, accelerating them to 100 km/h in a mere 1.6 seconds, like a rocket.

From the highest point onwards, the ride passes via several inversions through a section in complete darkness, with various special effects. Other highlights, such as steep bends and a rapid change of centrifugal forces, make for a string of surprise effects along the 700-metre route. Another special feature of the catapult roller coaster “Karacho” – apart from the varied route – is the seats. They guarantee an unrestricted ride, as you are only held in your seat by a lap bar. Thrills are therefore the order of the day, especially when it comes to the inversions.