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Wildlife Park "Wildparadies"

Tripsdrill and animals have been inseparable for a long time. As early as 1957, an animal park was set up directly next to the “Altweibermühle” (Old Women’s Mill) at the theme park. Since 1972, Tripsdrill has had its own wildlife park: the Wildparadies. This is now home to about 40 animal species, some of which live in outdoor enclosures.

The predators are among visitors' favourites: Arctic wolves, bears, European wolves, lynxes, wildcats and red foxes enjoy the spacious enclosures in this 47-hectare wildlife park, where they live under conditions appropriate to their species. Accompanying the game warden on his daily feeding tour is a highlight for many. Quite apart from the excitement of the moment, there are many details to learn about animal behaviour.


Birds of prey are the predators of the air, similar to the role of wolves on the ground. Eagles, vultures and owls live in aviaries as large as 1,200 m² in surface area – thus having plenty of space to spread their wings and launch themselves into undisturbed flight. During the flight demonstrations on the falconer's grandstand, they glide over the heads of the visitors, demonstrating their impressive flight skills.

A walk through the wildlife park also takes you past the wild horses, raccoons, ferrets and many other animal species. The fallow and sika deer in the open-air enclosures can even be petted and fed. Many young animals are born in the springtime each year.

A forest adventure path, a barefoot path and an adventure playground invite visitors to explore their natural environment. The tavern “Wildsau-Schenke” provides visitors with snacks and main meals; alternatively, they can cook their own food at one of the serviced barbecue points.